Foreign Agricultural Service


  • Trade Mission and Logistics Management
  • Specialist focus on servicing Government funded missions.

We organize trade missions to promote food and drink exports, for example, from the USA to Southeast Asia. Our organization of trade missions involves market research for program development, logistics management, and establishment of linkages with local buyers, users and other supply chain members. 

We are also very experienced in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of market development activities funded by USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) and their export marketing cooperators. This experience has led us to fully understand the complexities of managing funding from Government sources.

Capacity Building and Training


We have developed many training courses for food exporters, end users in the food service and manufacturing industries, livestock producers, government agencies, NGOs, health and nutrition and other research entities.

These training courses include practical work in the technical and marketing aspects of doing business in food, beverage, food service, health and wellness, and related agricultural commodity sectors in the following areas:

  • How to be a better exporter to Asia.
  • Using B2B branding strategies in the international market to support exports.
  • Educational and technical application courses for the food manufacturing and food service industries
  • Technical application courses for the animal feed industry
Event Management


  • Creating a Network of Opportunities
  • Total Project Management, From Concept to Delivery

We are well-versed in coordinating local, regional and international conferences, training programs and special events. Such events serve to provide a networking platform for specific clients and their target audience in terms of communicating new business or industry developments and setting the stage for potential business opportunities. Our experienced and energetic team of event organizers in the region will supervise and manage every detail of your conference or event. We will work closely with you from the initial concept right through to on-site management; from developing the program to designing the collaterals, to providing creative solutions and ensuring that your event runs successfully and within budget. We will stay on top of things with meticulous attention to detail

Marketing Communication


  • Collateral Development – Development of brochures, pamphlets, folders, etc.
  • Conference Registration Portal

With a network of writers, editors and designers with extensive experience in marketing communications, we will assure you of a professional product, written and managed with flair and expertise that is invaluable. With the ability to understand the electronic and print media, our team will manage your publication from concept to editorial line-up, writing, editing, proof-reading, design, layout, color management, color separation, print checks and final delivery. We will work closely with you to develop an editorial line-up that best enhances the corporate messages and objectives you want to achieve. With a network of reliable writers, photographers and image banks across the world, your publication – no matter what the size or budget – will benefit tremendously from the resources available to us.